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Since its inception in 2011, Drama Deluxe has produced high end international commercials for clients like Pandora Jewellery, Carlsberg and Bang & Olufsen.

We also produced two tv-shows for Showmax and feature films with such stars as WILLIAM BALDWIN (Backdraft), LEA THOMPSON (Back To The Future), RJ MITTE (Breaking Bad), ELIZABETH MARVEL (House Of Cards) CASEY COTT (Riverdale) AND DANIELLE BROOKS (Orange Is The New Black).

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Helming the company is producer/director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff, who’s been actively pursuing projects that celebrate inclusion and diversity. Also, he is drawn to subject matter that pushes a clear agenda of making things better. If you are not creating content that inspires conversation and wholesome food for thought, why even bother.

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“Drama Deluxe is a full-service production company, dedicated to telling captivating stories in the most cost efficient ways. We engage the same level of passion for a commercial or a corporate film as we do for a feature film or tv-show that takes years to make. While we are always pushing our own projects we are here as well to create stunning content for any business that needs cinematic high end storytelling.”

Adam Neutzsky-Wulff

Group CEO // Producer & director

Wissam Chaachouh

Executive Producer

Wonho Chung

Producer // Dubai

Head of UAE Office

Kelvin Osoo

Producer & director // Nairobi

Head of African Office

Nicholas Gray

Producer // NYC

Head of East Coast Office

Sencha Chung

Sales Director // International

Melody Waruguru

Post Producer // Global

Marcus Toft

Producer // Copenhagen

Head of Scandinavian Office

Lanfia Wal

Producer // Los Angeles

Head of West Coast Office